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Made in USA. The Original Speed King Uncapping Knife, Electric. 110/120 Volts. North American Model. Pierce (the founder of Pierce Beekeeping Equipment Company) invented and patented the heated uncapping knife in 1941. This tool established the industry standard for heated uncapping knives and is the preferred tool used by professional and backyard beekeepers alike. Many companies around the world have tried to copy this knife—but there is nothing like the original Pierce Uncapping Knife. All our uncapping knives are handmade in Southern California, USA.


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The Speed King contains a sealed thermostat in the blade and is ready-to-use right out of the box. It is pre-calibrated to just the right temperature for uncapping. Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, this knife is 10” long and 2” wide, and features a comfortable turned wood handle that stays cool to the touch. It comes with an 8 foot grounded cord.


Customer Reviews

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Not very good

The knife does not stay hot enough to cut all the way through the frame it gets half way and then it’s starts to tear the comb off the foundation ruining nicely drawn frames. It’s especially poor on newly drawn comb that’s not as stout as older comb and also frames that are built out well beyond the frame that extra honey just cools it down quickly and you have to stop and wait for it to heat up again. I bought it based on Kamon Reynolds’s review but he was using very old comb that was very stout so it worked perfectly (not sure if this was intentionally misleading but it was misleading). I reached out to pierce via their website and have not received a response. I like to support American made but for the price I’m sorry this product is not worth it.

Patrick Kelly
Worth it

Knife does a good job

Heavenly Bee Farms LLC Shawn Whiteley
Haven’t used it yet

Haven’t used it yet but it looks amazing. Quality is written all over it. Very nice shipping as well. So far impressed.

alan Pryor
Uncapping knife

I have not received it yet. Last thing I heard from ups was it made it to the oakland facilities and was waiting to go out. Since then I received the uncapping tank that was shipped 2 days later......

Adam Volk
Great first experience

Works great, as advertised. We did 16 medium frames today, first time I have ever used one but by 3rd frame had it down pat and as long as you don’t leave the knife sitting in one spot zero burning of the honey! It glides right through with only slight pressure and sawing motion. Highly recommend!

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