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Deluxe Complete Kit (Includes Uncapping Tub, Tub Cover, Cross Frame rest, Honey Gate and Tub Grid)

Made in USA.
Our multipurpose Uncapping Tub is made of heavy-duty, quarter-inch-thick polyethylene, an FDA-approved food-grade material. This is a rugged product designed to last for many years.


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2-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. This product is made of FDA-approved food-grade material, meaning you don’t have to worry about any toxins altering your honey’s quality.

The bottom tank is equipped with a heavy-duty injection-molded 1.5” honey gate, featuring a scissor action for clean cut-off against an O-ring. This multipurpose tub kit includes a wooden crossbar with a stainless Steel frame-holder spike and J-bolts as well as a bottom tank that can be used either as a honey storage tank or as a bottling tank. It can hold 5 gallons of honey, and its lid can be used as a hive tray during honey harvesting time as well as during hive transportation. This tub has been specially designed and produced as an uncapping tub—it is not just another modified, off-the-shelf, non-food-grade plastic bin.

This tub’s large capacity holds hours’ worth of wax capping. Its grid prevents the capping from falling into the bottom tank, which collects honey drained from the wax capping. When in use, the two stacked tanks have a combined height of 18”. When stacked for storage, the height reduces to 9”.

Customer Reviews

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Huge help

This weekend was my first honey harvest, and upon the advice of my mentor, I purchased this tub. It made uncapping very much less messy than it would’ve been otherwise, and I ended up with an additional 2.5 gallons of honey that drained from the cappings. It’s also super easy to take outside and hide off when you’re done, and I can store my uncapping knife, spatulas, bee brush, and other processing gear in it when I put it away. Highly recommend.

Joe West
Best product for uncapping out there

This is a very well made and thought out design. Very durable and will make the uncapping process so much easier. Goodbye five gallon bucket, time to move on to something much more efficient...

John Williams
Uncapping Tub

Great product, already used it to uncap medium and deep frames with no issues. Kept quite a bit of the cappings out of the honey so the secondary filtering went pretty quick.

Allan Causey
Uncapping tub

High quality. The negative is frames did not fit in tub like I expected. Too narrow one way and too long the other way.

Kelvin Padgett

I'm very happy with the quality of the plastic can't wait to start using it I'm glad I purchased directly from you folks cuz everything else I found was extremely overpriced

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